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Back to my Lifestyles story.

A few months passed and I got a decent customer base together. I had about 30 people on the list. I called them in a rotating fashion for a few months.

If they needed something I would bring it to them. I got the products from the company at 50 percent off and resold them for about 30 percent off.

While the products were good and ranged from cleaning products to cookies, there was something about the compensation plan that wasn’t working.

I only made money if I ran off my feet and sold things. The meetings came and went and I had to juggle my schedule to be at a certain place at a certain time….when people called for a product I had to deliver. But like a good soldier I went to the meetings and kept selling products.

I wasn’t really losing money but I really wasn’t making any money either. There were people making money otherwise the company would not still be around but in my opinion they were few and far between.

This went on for about 6 months. I then was told about a reworked version of the compensation plan. It would make me a lot more money but I would have to invest a lot more money.

So away I went, I bought the big package of products, hoping my customers would buy the same. For me, that didn’t happen, and while I had a lot of good products at home, I wasn’t selling enough product to get my money back.

I was really starting to wonder if Lifestyles was the way to go.

About 8 months into my business life with this company I got a call that rocked my world. My enroller was leaving Lifestyles for another company.

” Now what” I said. I wasn’t a quitter and I told myself even though my enroller had bailed I was sticking with it.

I kept posting the ads at stores and laundromats. I even got a private line and bought leads. It didn’t help a whole lot. But I was stubborn and kept pressing on but there was no real breakthrough when it came to growth.

The cost of the products, the gas used to deliver those products, and the time expended running around to deliver those products was eating into an already meager profit margin.

The end was near!

My closing thoughts on Lifestyles tomorrow.

Take care.

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