Exploring Calgary: Things to Do in the City

Are you planning your next trip to Canada and looking for things to do in Calgary? You will never run out of adventures when visiting the city. It doesn’t matter if its winter, spring, summer or fall. Calgary offers something you will enjoy all-year round.

You will find that this city in Alberta can take you to an arts and culture journey, an adventure through sports and recreation, or wow you with its attractions and dining.

  1. ARTS and CULTURE. Calgary is beaming with museums, galleries, exhibits, theaters and the performance arts. This is because its people love the arts and culture and give importance to them through these channels. Not only will you find breathtaking paintings in the city’s museums, but some of the buildings where the works of art rest offer modern architectural magnificence, too. When it comes to performing arts, a number of theaters where ballet performances are showcased. If you find these boring, maybe an aviation museum or a sports museum could tickle your bone.
  2. SPORTS and RECREATION. It isn’t surprising that some of the things to do in Calgary include sports. After all, the city was the host of the 1988 Winter Olympics. People expect that the city can provide activities, which have to do with winter sports. Skiing and Snowboarding are popular during the cold months but throughout the year, Calgary offers golf activities, rafting and other water sports. In terms of recreation, the city may be no Vegas but they have reputable casinos. On the other hand, those who want to enjoy relaxing could find day spas and parks and gardens all over the city.
  3. ATTRACTIONS. Since the Winter Olympics was mentioned, one of the main attractions of Calgary is the Olympic Park, which has become a staple in any place that has hosted the worldwide sporting event. If you are traveling with the family, the zoo in the city will surely make the children happy. Not only this, a heritage park/historical village also provide tours and the best thing about it, you can experience living during the Old Calgary. A fun day could also be enjoyed by the entire family in a theme park.
  4. DINING. When in Calgary, you will not have a hard time looking for a place to eat. In fact, the dilemma would be choosing where to eat since the city is flowing with restaurants, fastfoods and cafés. Doughnuts, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, you name it, Calgary has it. What’s more thrilling is that restaurants do not just offer authentic Canadian food but food from around the world as well. If you want Japanese, Greek, Korean, Moroccan or French, you have nothing to worry about. The city’s got you covered.
  5. NIGHTLIFE. If you are traveling with friends, nightlife is for sure on your list. Fear not, Calgary is no sleeping town. For music lovers, the city has a few venues for you. You also have options for clubs where you can dance the night away. However, if you are into a more laidback nightlife drinking Calgary beer, there are also pubs and bars which could fit your lifestyle.

You will never have a boring stay in this vibrant city, which provides a great mix of historical and contemporary scenes. If you are starting to make a checklist for your visit, do not forget to write about the things to do in Calgary

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