DANSLABOUCHE http://www.danslabouche.ca Sat, 12 Oct 2019 07:35:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.4 Ontario Auto loans – Ontario Car Loans http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/10/12/ontario-auto-loans-ontario-car-loans/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/10/12/ontario-auto-loans-ontario-car-loans/#respond Sat, 12 Oct 2019 07:35:52 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=43 Did you know that fixing your credit saves you THOUSANDS of dollars in interest? By making regular car payments on your Ontario auto loan will help get you lower interest rates on credit cards, mortgages and vehicle financing.

Do you have credit problems or issues? We can show you a proven method to Quickly repair your credit and save you thousands of dollars in interest along the way!

If you want to re-establish or establish your credit and don’t know where to start, we can both show you how to reestablish or the way to fix your credit with a Car Loan.

Bankruptcy, Late Payments, Collections, Credit Write Offs, Repossession, Consumer Proposals….and any credit issues must be dealt with on your credit report – also called a credit bureau. The EASIEST & BEST way to establish of fix your credit is to take on an Ontario Auto Loan and pay it off – provided that the monthly payments are being reported to the credit agencies. We will show you how to get the loan approved and save you thousands of dollars in interest while paying off your auto loan.

Most Canadians think that if they wait long enough after their credit problems, they will qualify for a loan with low interest rates and good terms. This is simply not true. Most credit issues remain on your credit report for seven years and then once they get removed, you find yourself in a situation of having No Credit! No credit is viewed as worse than bad credit because the banks or lenders have no background information or credit history to consider while deciding on your loan. So you might get approved, but with high interest rates or bad terms.

We help credit challenged people with Ontario Auto Loans every day. We’ll get you a Car Loan or Truck Loan at the best interest rate that your credit will allow. We will also get you the vehicle of your choice that matches your loan approval. We only deal with loan lending companies that report back to the credit agencies like Equifax and Trans Union. This assures you that your Ontario credit bureau report will show all the payments you made and ensure lenders like credit card companies that your are a good potential customer.

If you’re going to make the effort to fix your bad credit then you should choose a company that makes every effort to help and assist you! We use a very wide and diverse group of loan lending companies including manufacturers, banks, and private lenders who report back to the credit agencies. Our goal is to help you get approved and driving while you fix any blemishes on your credit report. f you are looking to establish or re-establish credit in Ontario Canada, apply for a loan now.

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Now Is The Time To Refinance An Arm Mortgage – Mortgages in Ontario http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/09/12/now-is-the-time-to-refinance-an-arm-mortgage-mortgages-in-ontario/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/09/12/now-is-the-time-to-refinance-an-arm-mortgage-mortgages-in-ontario/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 07:34:09 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=41 Currently Is The moment To Re-finance An Arm Home mortgage

Possessing your own residence is the end of a desire as well as the beginning of a frustration if the rate of interest that you are repaying is too high, although paying swiftly assists you to conserve money every month if you think about re-financing.

Before purchasing, keep in mind the various mortgages readily available on the economic market and choose a refinancing remedy that extends the term of your real home loan, or a new low passion home mortgage.

Modifiable price home mortgage (ARM) is a great refinancing choice, because its rates of interest is readjusted occasionally, moving reduced or higher occasionally, yet always within the same ratio.

ARM home loans are usually compared with Treasury expense prices, given that their fluctuation is based upon a pre-selected index. ARM’s could consist of caps on rates of interest increases and restrictions on the frequency of rates of interest modifications, safeguarding you against greater repayments resulting from raising rate of interest.

One more advantage when it pertains to purchasing an ARM home loan for refinancing is the reality of first lower rates of interest with continual modifications over a time period or the life of the home mortgages or lending.

Home mortgages can be bought for 15 or Thirty Years with set rate of interest, that could be minimized if you refinance your home buying an ARM home loan. Benefits from resetting your regular monthly repayments use immediately after switching to this option, specifically when you are preparing to market your residence within a few years.

Today is easier compared to ever to re-finance your mortgage through this due to the recent decrease in rates of interest allowing you to conserve in regular monthly passions.

Why should you think about re-financing currently? Amongst the numerous advantages that an ARM mortgage supplies, consisting of a lower interest rate and monthly settlement, re-financing permits you to build equity in your house quicker because your financing term is minimized, or draw a real equity via the supposed cash-out re-finance.

Nonetheless, it is needed to keep in mind a few considerations prior to shopping for a brand-new ARM mortgage for re-financing your real mortgage. Amongst the points of consideration, take down the interest rate of your existing mortgage versus the interest rate of a new ARM home loan, as well as the overall price of refinancing.

Other aspects affecting your decision are your present credit status and actual earnings, the time that you plan to reside in your home, and how much equity you have been developed in this property, if any.

The majority of lending institutions need at the very least that 5 % equity built up to exist in your home in order to be eligible for refinancing. Shorter-term home mortgages allow accumulating equity quicker, but they normally increase your regular monthly payment drastically. Thus, evaluate if you are prospect for refinancing and also if the solution is of course, apply currently!

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Other Types Of Mortgages – Mortgages in Ontario http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/08/12/other-types-of-mortgages-mortgages-in-ontario/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/08/12/other-types-of-mortgages-mortgages-in-ontario/#respond Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:31:49 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=38 Various other Kinds of Home loans

Along with the conventional fixed rate mortgage and also the adjustable rate home loan we all understand about, there are a few other kinds of home loan tools that are not so popular. This short article details a few of those less-than-traditional mortgage approaches.

Jumbo home loan: A big is virtually constantly taken into consideration a non-conforming financing since it surpasses the lending restriction set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These are the two openly chartered firms that acquire home loan from loan providers. They do this to make sure that home loan cash is readily available at all times around the nation. You should know that the single-family limitation benchmark modifications annual and also if you have to obtain more compared to that quantity, you will require a big home loan. A big lending usually has a greater rates of interest compared to conventional financings.

The advantage of a big home mortgage is it permits you to get a much more expensive residence. The disadvantage is that you will usually pay a greater rate of interest.

Two-step Home loan: These are some home mortgages that make use of certain elements of both the taken care of rate and the adjustable-rate mortgage. They could be called 2/28, 5/25 or 7/23. A two-step home mortgage allows for a set price and also settlement for a first period, followed by one rates of interest adjustment, after that a taken care of price as well as settlement for the rest of the lending term. For example, a 5/25 has a first fixed price period of 5 years, then a change to the price, then 25 years of modified settlements.

Balloon Mortgage: A balloon home mortgage is best for some people, yet a bad idea for the majority of. House buyers in a balloon mortgage will see reduced rates and repayments for a particular amount of time, which can be anywhere from 3 years to 10 years. At the end of that time, nevertheless, the property owner needs to repay the primary balance in one round figure. In some cases, the home mortgage might be changed to either a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate lending, however in other cases, it could not. A balloon home mortgage is usually utilized for those who understand that they will certainly not remain in the house for long, as well as prepare for marketing it later are rather firm.

Assumable Home mortgage: Assumable mortgages do not take place usually. An assumable loan is usually conducted with the vendor as well as they should be come close to with care. Due to the fact that they can be difficult, you should constantly utilize the solutions of a great lawyer before getting into an assumable mortgage.

The exact same holds true for an additional kind of mortgage referred to as vendor financing. With this sort of financing, you pay the seller straight rather than to a bank. The residential property is often utilized as the safety and security for the lending.

Building and construction Home loans: Building and construction home loans are utilized when creating a new residence is an essential issue. These sorts of financings usually utilize a two-step borrowing system. The home owner could pay higher rate of interest during the building phase. Then the resident could undergo a 2nd closing at which time the lending generally converts to a much more conventional, lasting fixed-rate loan.

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Toronto Ladies Gym – Toronto, Canada http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/07/12/toronto-ladies-gym-toronto-canada/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/07/12/toronto-ladies-gym-toronto-canada/#respond Fri, 12 Jul 2019 07:30:47 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=36 Toronto Ladies Gym offers a specialized training program for women who, despite approaching their so-called “golden years”, choose to stay attractive and defy their age. We disagree with passive acceptance of aging. We believe that upon completing your business career, you are entering a new and exciting period of your life. You can now spend more time taking care of your health and stamina; you can now work at length on your looks and performance. You can get yourself ready for long years of healthy, graceful maturity.
We have developed for you a program called AGE DEFEATING TRAINING™, which incorporates strength and cardio training as well as joint care and nutrition consulting.

Here is what Alex Karpov, the founder and head trainer of Toronto Ladies Gym says about the importance of AGE DEFEATING TRAINING™. Alex carries degrees in Physical Education and Electrical Engineering, as well as a Medical Nursing diploma. For the last 28 years Alex worked in the field of health and fitness as a kinesiologist, massage therapist and personal trainer. Toronto Ladies Gym is his third fitness club.

It always seemed unfair to me that despite all my best efforts my body will deteriorate and fail as I age, and it’s going to happen rather soon now that I’m hitting my sixties.
Imagine how excited I was when I first read about the so-called “vitauct process”.
Apparently, alongside aging, which is a destructive process, there is the opposite process – vitauct (from the Latin words “vita” – life, and “auctum” – enhancement). Vitauct is the life-enhancing biological process that stabilizes the organism’s vital activity, prevents and neutralizes many factors of aging, and increases life span. How we age as humans is the direct result of the struggle between these opposite processes.

When I first read about this revolutionary process, I realized that by enforcing the anti-aging process, vitauct, we can shift the delicate balance from deterioration to improving, from getting weak and helpless to becoming strong and self-dependent
Instead of concentrating on fighting disease (let’s leave that to doctors), let’s concentrate on improving our health – because it’s only up to us! Pills can make us less sick, but in order to become healthy we have to change our lifestyle, start exercising, eating healthy and organizing our rest and sleeping patterns.
As a kinesiologist and a personal trainer I’ve met and trained many people of pre- and post-retirement age. It has always amazed me how all of them improved their strength and flexibility, endurance and cardio-vascular condition by working with me!

There always was one common factor about these successful people: consistency. They did not quit! They were serious about their health just like they were serious about their jobs, business and their entire life!
Every time I coached a person in this category, I was waiting for a miracle to happen, and it always did! Noticeable, sometimes dramatic changes in strength, agility, weight and range of motion of the joints that were long considered untreatable! Oh, not overnight. You don’t train a 55 year old mother of three the way you train her teenage daughter. But what a joy when this mother is becoming stronger and fitter then her daughter, can dance all night and run half-marathons, when her yearly bone scan shows an improved bone density!

Osteoporosis is one of the scariest manifestations of age, especially in women. Our bone density diminishes as we age; our bones lose calcium and become brittle and weak. So the poor woman starts taking all kinds of pills and supplements – and nothing seems to work. With my knowledge of vitauct, the solution is so obvious now! Her muscles are connected to her bones, and when she is doing a strenuous exercise, her muscles are pulling on the weakened bones, threatening to fracture them. And how do you think her body responds to this stress? By depositing more and more calcium into her bones, making them stronger! Suddenly the supplements start working, her back is getting straighter, her posture improves, and she feels a spring in her step!

Exercise! Don’t look for reasons you can’t.

Start thinking about yourself as the capable person you’ve always been. Make it happen, reverse the aging – there is so much fun your body is waiting to give you regardless of your age!
You are always welcome in Toronto Ladies Gym: call or simply drop in and start a new chapter in your life!

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Canadian Home Equity Loans http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/06/12/canadian-home-equity-loans/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2019/06/12/canadian-home-equity-loans/#respond Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:27:15 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=34 Attention: Please Read This Before You Refinance Your Mortgage 

The 10 Things You Must Know Before You Even Think About Renewing or Refinancing Your Home Mortgage!

Dear Mortgage holder,

As a current mortgage holder you are faced with a very important decisions every time your mortgage comes up for renewal or when you need to refinance. Weather you know it or not you about to make one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever undertake.

During this process you will be exposed to hundreds of mortgage options from reputable and not so reputable mortgage companies.

Who do you trust? Who is offering you the best mortgage options? Who has your best interest at heart? Your current mortgage holder, they already have you why would they give you a deal.

These are critical decisions thousands of mortgage holders renewing or refinancing their mortgages have to make everyday. Which makes finding the perfect mortgage loan for you and your family very difficult.

Because with each wrong decision you make, you’re literally risking the chance of flushing thousands of dollars right down the toilet! Leaving you with a financial burden that will drain you for many years to come.

Fortunately, we have the solution you need.

We at “Canadian home equity loans” have put together an absolutely must have FREE ebook for people renewing and refinancing their mortgages. Giving you the ability to find the perfect loan.

It will teach you the 10 most critical things you must know before you renew or refinance your mortgage. These 10 things will give you the knowledge you need to make educated decisions throughout your entire renewal or refinance process. They will allow you to find and decide on the perfect loan for you and your family.

So, get yourself a copy of this must-have FREE ebook now! Use the information to educate and protect yourself. Just fill out our simple form and you will receive access to our powerful FREE ebook within minutes.

Fill out the form below to instantly receive your FREE ebook

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The Masters of Calgary Roofing http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/10/02/the-masters-of-calgary-roofing/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/10/02/the-masters-of-calgary-roofing/#respond Sun, 02 Oct 2016 07:30:13 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=14

If you are person who has recently moved to Calgary and you were wondering if Calgary has world-class roofing contractors who could easily make and build your roof with ease, the answer is yes. This is because Calgary is a town that has been on the upward trajectory in terms of buildings and skyscrapers. Due to the level of quality of contractors in Calgary, the design of roofs in Calgary has greatly improved. If you want your building to have a roof that matches and exceeds the world standards in terms of how the roof is made, make an effort of calling any of the contractors who make roofs in Calgary. Engaging qualified roofing Calgary experts is vital.

I assure you that you will not be disappointed on the quality of the roof that you will be made for. The roofs that are made by EPIC Roofing are made to be able to withstand the harshest conditions that can arise when your roof has already been made. Some of the common problems that Calgary roof contractors repair include leaking of the roof, the roof being warm enough during winter, poor electrical connections of the electrical wires and sound wires among many other common problems.

The reason why many clients in Calgary prefer Calgary roofing contractors is that this companies offer services at a low price, the Calgary roofing contractors know the design the locals of Calgary hence they can easily recreate the design that which the client wants and also the contractors that come from the neighbouring towns of Calgary and usually shoddy and incompetent contractors. These contractors don’t have the capability to making the roofs of their clients be in a manner that would please there clients.

If you have had problems of your roof leaking due to poor quality of your roof or your house being absolutely cold during winter, you can easily rectify these problems by a simple one phone call to any of the Calgary roofing contractors. The objective of the Calgary roofing contractors is not to make huge profits, there main objective is customer satisfaction. Most of the Calgary roofing contractors know that one you make quality, unmatched and unrivalled roofs, you will definitely start to make profits because your services and products will be on high demand.

Calgary is a concrete jungle that has been aided with the quality roofing and building contractors that exist in Calgary. No matter the design of your roof, the Calgary roofing contractors will make your dream come true.

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Safer products « Best Canadian Home Based Business http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/05/12/safer-products-best-canadian-home-based-business/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/05/12/safer-products-best-canadian-home-based-business/#respond Thu, 12 May 2016 07:25:30 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=31 Back to my Lifestyles story.

A few months passed and I got a decent customer base together. I had about 30 people on the list. I called them in a rotating fashion for a few months.

If they needed something I would bring it to them. I got the products from the company at 50 percent off and resold them for about 30 percent off.

While the products were good and ranged from cleaning products to cookies, there was something about the compensation plan that wasn’t working.

I only made money if I ran off my feet and sold things. The meetings came and went and I had to juggle my schedule to be at a certain place at a certain time….when people called for a product I had to deliver. But like a good soldier I went to the meetings and kept selling products.

I wasn’t really losing money but I really wasn’t making any money either. There were people making money otherwise the company would not still be around but in my opinion they were few and far between.

This went on for about 6 months. I then was told about a reworked version of the compensation plan. It would make me a lot more money but I would have to invest a lot more money.

So away I went, I bought the big package of products, hoping my customers would buy the same. For me, that didn’t happen, and while I had a lot of good products at home, I wasn’t selling enough product to get my money back.

I was really starting to wonder if Lifestyles was the way to go.

About 8 months into my business life with this company I got a call that rocked my world. My enroller was leaving Lifestyles for another company.

” Now what” I said. I wasn’t a quitter and I told myself even though my enroller had bailed I was sticking with it.

I kept posting the ads at stores and laundromats. I even got a private line and bought leads. It didn’t help a whole lot. But I was stubborn and kept pressing on but there was no real breakthrough when it came to growth.

The cost of the products, the gas used to deliver those products, and the time expended running around to deliver those products was eating into an already meager profit margin.

The end was near!

My closing thoughts on Lifestyles tomorrow.

Take care.

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Exploring Calgary: Things to Do in the City http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/05/04/exploring-calgary-things-to-do-in-the-city/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/05/04/exploring-calgary-things-to-do-in-the-city/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 16:56:22 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=11 Are you planning your next trip to Canada and looking for things to do in Calgary? You will never run out of adventures when visiting the city. It doesn’t matter if its winter, spring, summer or fall. Calgary offers something you will enjoy all-year round.

You will find that this city in Alberta can take you to an arts and culture journey, an adventure through sports and recreation, or wow you with its attractions and dining.

  1. ARTS and CULTURE. Calgary is beaming with museums, galleries, exhibits, theaters and the performance arts. This is because its people love the arts and culture and give importance to them through these channels. Not only will you find breathtaking paintings in the city’s museums, but some of the buildings where the works of art rest offer modern architectural magnificence, too. When it comes to performing arts, a number of theaters where ballet performances are showcased. If you find these boring, maybe an aviation museum or a sports museum could tickle your bone.
  2. SPORTS and RECREATION. It isn’t surprising that some of the things to do in Calgary include sports. After all, the city was the host of the 1988 Winter Olympics. People expect that the city can provide activities, which have to do with winter sports. Skiing and Snowboarding are popular during the cold months but throughout the year, Calgary offers golf activities, rafting and other water sports. In terms of recreation, the city may be no Vegas but they have reputable casinos. On the other hand, those who want to enjoy relaxing could find day spas and parks and gardens all over the city.
  3. ATTRACTIONS. Since the Winter Olympics was mentioned, one of the main attractions of Calgary is the Olympic Park, which has become a staple in any place that has hosted the worldwide sporting event. If you are traveling with the family, the zoo in the city will surely make the children happy. Not only this, a heritage park/historical village also provide tours and the best thing about it, you can experience living during the Old Calgary. A fun day could also be enjoyed by the entire family in a theme park.
  4. DINING. When in Calgary, you will not have a hard time looking for a place to eat. In fact, the dilemma would be choosing where to eat since the city is flowing with restaurants, fastfoods and cafés. Doughnuts, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, you name it, Calgary has it. What’s more thrilling is that restaurants do not just offer authentic Canadian food but food from around the world as well. If you want Japanese, Greek, Korean, Moroccan or French, you have nothing to worry about. The city’s got you covered.
  5. NIGHTLIFE. If you are traveling with friends, nightlife is for sure on your list. Fear not, Calgary is no sleeping town. For music lovers, the city has a few venues for you. You also have options for clubs where you can dance the night away. However, if you are into a more laidback nightlife drinking Calgary beer, there are also pubs and bars which could fit your lifestyle.

You will never have a boring stay in this vibrant city, which provides a great mix of historical and contemporary scenes. If you are starting to make a checklist for your visit, do not forget to write about the things to do in Calgary

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Healthcare in Canada | Brand Canada Blog http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/04/12/healthcare-in-canada-brand-canada-blog/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/04/12/healthcare-in-canada-brand-canada-blog/#respond Tue, 12 Apr 2016 07:23:48 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=29 Canada is hailed as one of the most peaceful countries in the world, although it does not qualify to be included in the top 10 healthiest, it is considered to be a healthy country overall as it has great statistics showing that healthcare in Canada is excellent and benefiting its citizens. With a population of 34,838,000 (2012) and considering the great land area in the country, it can be inferred from this that Canada is a relatively spacious country and is not congested.

The Canadians have one of the highest life expectancy (ranked 14 in the whole world), with males enjoying up to 80 years of life and females up to 84 years. This is generally a longer life when compared to other countries.  Life expectancy statistics enable us to take a peek into the kind of healthcare, the lifestyle and how the Canadians are taking care of their health. For the citizens to be able to reach more than 80 years of age in this time where fast food, convenience and less exercise, more stagnant and less active jobs, early retirement are amongst the few things that people in the world battle against, it will mean that there must be other factors that enable the citizens to overcome these challenges and live until 80 and more.

It also says that there is accessible and immediate healthcare and that majority of the citizens are able to afford it and that the citizens are aware of where to purchase healthcare or where free health services are available, not to mention the availability of a health insurance coverage and plan.

The life expectancy is not the only thing that should be looked at when measuring the healthcare conditions of a country. Another fact to consider is how many citizens are dying in between the ages of 15 to 60, which is considered to be the adult and most active phase of life. According to the World Health Organization or WHO statistics, there are 83 out of 1000 Canadian males between 15 to 60 years old that die annually, with 52 out of 1000 females between the same age ranges dying every year as well.

This puts Canada into the top 20 least adult mortality rate in the whole world which means there are less adults dying before they reach their life expectancy. This could imply a couple of things such as the country being safe to live in, with a really lower criminal rate and accident rate compared to other countries, and a healthy environment. There must also be easy access to healthcare and health establishments if the adult mortality rate is like this.

Not only are the adults enjoying the lesser number of deaths, the children below 5 are also unlikely to suffer from deaths in Canada. Statistics show that there are 5 children less than 5 years old, in every 1000 live births, which perish annually. This puts Canada in the top 10% of the whole world with the lesser number of deaths under 5 years old. This can mean that pregnant women and the healthcare given to women in general are of high standards with access to a healthy lifestyle and great prenatal and post-natal care. Family planning is also working for the Canadians as their fertility rate is 1.7, which means that the average number of children a reproductive woman gives birth to is from 1 to 2 children.

Another standard to check for Canada’s healthcare is the access to healthcare. Statistics show that almost 85% of the Canadians have their family or personal physicians. There is also no shortage of midwives or nurses as they have more than 90% of this position filled in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers. The utilization of healthcare services by Canadians is also high, which means that their awareness of these services must be high as well.

There were 74 out of 100 who are taking contraceptives, 99 out of 100 who are taking antenatal care, 98 out of 100 births were attended by a skilled or a healthcare professional though not necessarily inside a hospital, measles immunization was almost perfectly attended as well. One can also see from the prevalence of smokers (19.3%) in the whole country, heavy drinkers (19%), and those suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure (17.7%) that these are very low compared to the whole world. Canadians must be living healthier compared to a global scale.

Causes of death in Canada has almost the same when compared to other countries, with 34% of it caused by circulatory diseases such as heart attack, ischemic stroke, congestive heart failure, etc. Cancer deaths cause at least 40% with lung (28.9), colorectal (12.4), and prostate (11.4) for males, and lung (25.7), breast (15.8), and colorectal (11.8) for females.

Physical activity is something that more than half of the whole Canadian population participates in, as the survey showed that more than the majority has been involved in physical activities. The number of obese adults in the age range of 15 to 60 is 22.4%, relatively lower than most countries but not enough to put it on the top countries with almost no obese adults living in it. However, overall the Canadians believe that they have good health status, with 61% of them rating themselves to be in this category.

The aforementioned statistics have been collected anytime from 2004 until 2012 and although Canada remains to be one of the healthier countries compared to the world, there are still a lot more that the Canadians and the government can do to make their health and life better. The country has a national health insurance program called Medicare and is giving the privilege to Canadian citizens and residents reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services, on a prepaid basis. The citizens and residents are able to get health benefits by being enrolled in the system. The Canadians and the residents enjoy dental and medical care and other health benefits like emergency hospitalizations, check-ups, among many others.


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The Tourism Marketing Blog: It’s a Hard Knock Life http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/03/12/the-tourism-marketing-blog-its-a-hard-knock-life/ http://www.danslabouche.ca/2016/03/12/the-tourism-marketing-blog-its-a-hard-knock-life/#respond Sat, 12 Mar 2016 07:22:59 +0000 http://www.danslabouche.ca/?p=27 Imagine being charged with marketing a product that you can’t control to an audience you can’t define when the entire world is literally your competition and all your neighbours are shareholders.  Oh — and no one is really in charge and everyone else has larger budgets than you.  Welcome to the world of your local tourism authority.

Governed from the top by legislators and boards and ruled from the bottom by industry committees and individual operators, the tourism authority exists only at the pleasure of its myriad constituents.  It’s dependent on government funding, but often can’t spend a dime without the co-operation of its private sector partners.

Unlike other association-based marketers, the Tourism Authority’s message is subject to the competing priorities of its individual partners.  The Milk Marketing Board doesn’t have to worry about individual farmers mounting their own campaigns with divergent messages touting the benefits of milk, but the tourism authority is only really effective if it convinces its dozens, hundreds or even thousands of industry partners, each with their own marketing budgets, to row in the same direction.

In this environment, it’s a wonder tourism authorities ever get anything done.  But some are.  Because they’ve managed to shift the paradigm in their business from being an organization focused on co-ordination and driven by consensus to being true marketing resources to their industries.

Some tourism authorities have managed to move beyond the age-old mantra of being “industry-led” to focus on developing innovative ideas that can inspire and unite their industry.  They’ve gotten out of the business of selling “programs” and into the business of creating ideas that their partners want to buy into.

Australia has made the shift, Canada is well on its way, and the USA is taking tentative steps in the right direction.

A key factor that’s driving this change is an aspect of the internet that is sometimes overlooked as the industry focuses on online channels as a tool for commerce.  As the world’s online community has become more global in nature, so too have destination brands.  The days when tourism authorities could position themselves differently in different markets are long over.  What’s the point of creating unique campaigns for every geo-market when the consumer’s next step is to go onto tripadvisor.com and review the global consensus on your city, hotel or attraction?

Computer, fashion and packaged goods marketers have increasingly taken a global approach to positioning and communicating their brands, but Australia is one of the few countries that have adopted the same approach.

The logic is simple.  Greater alignment in the industry translates into a greater cumulative impact and a better return on everyone’s investments.  It’s not about homogenizing the entire industry, it’s about finding the common threads that link each level of the industry together within a destination, then differentiating individual brands while maintaining the common centre of gravity.

Think of tourism brands like Russian dolls.  Each one relates to and is dependent on the other, but each finds their own place in the set and stands alone as a unique individual.

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